Wednesday, April 23, 2008

yippie dippy doo :)

I got accepted as a student in GSoC :)
Feels awesome :)

The vivas and the practicals are going fine too ( for a change, phew!)

Hmm.. now that I'm finished with my celebrations.. its time for work now .

Oh I forgot to mention.. I have my Bootchart up ( that was supposed to be the 'update 2' but anyway) and I have been playing around with SystemTap; it is working fine too.

Next, as per the time line I need to learn git, JAXP and start exploring BootChart and figure out what additional metrics can be added. I am supposed to be done with it by the 12th of May.. so run..

Installing git now.. and then ill look for some good tutorials on it.


Eugene said...

There are many git tutorials out there. Take a look at this:

And btw, congrats :) Work hard.

Eugene said...

yes boss --salute-- :)