Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Project selection

Wanting to continue with systemtap, we came up with this idea of instrumenting XEN or KVM for project 2. Quoting my mentor " writing useful tapsets that one can use to write meaningful scripts to instrument or gather information from the
running guest."

Mr. Masami Hiramatsu Kindly pointed out the VESPER project which is a framework to gather the state of guest kernel.
It looks as if they would like to support systemtap.

The thread on the systemtap mailing list regarding the same can be found here.

I would be really grateful to have some feedback regarding this.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Adieu GSoC and DgpLUG classes; and Hola Red Hat!

Funny, the juggling ended!

I remember trying my best not to miss the DgpLUG classes while struggling to meet my mid term evaluation targets. While I have been blogging about my GSoC project and its updates; I haven't mentioned DgpLUG here till now. Its the Linux Users Group of Durgapur, who came up with this nice initiative for training a few newbies in open source technologies. Thank you folks! It was awesome ^_^

On the GSoC front, its nice to see Bootlimn have so many downloads. I admit that the progress has slowed down a bit given my classes and the recent hunt for a nice and useful project for the Red Hat internship ( yeah! I was as amazed when I was offered and I'm still trying to not sound all stupefied when I am talking about or mailing with regard to it. ) But Bootlimn is far from dead. I'll start working on it again once I settle down with this new routine.

Please do let me know what working well and whats not with bootlimn.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am terribly sorry for the multiple bloopers . The code did not get committed last time.
Please checkout the code now.. Revision 18 is the latest.
Sorry again --with an embarrassed look--

checkout : here

Very high on my TODO... port it to Python.. we desperately need that one.. successfully running java the first time seems a miracle now when I get so many head-banging feedbacks saying java not working.

Another development. We were halfway through while trying to run it on Ubuntu today. Though we had to manually modify grub/menu.lst
and had to struggle with java a bit. (JRE ... *bah*)

see this too : http://sourceware.org/systemtap/wiki/SystemtapOnUbuntu

A request: If anyone has any problems or even if you are able to successfully run it, please let me know.