Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby steps :)

Hmm .. well.. i installed fedora *Successfully* after some initial hiccups (grub loading .... error 15... phew!!! )
coincidentally... today was my first stint with hardware repair too ( you wont find it that big ... but to me yeah it was a big deal .)

Next is mission python and SystemTap :D

me feeling aaawweessoommeeeee :P

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hello everyone!

Hi, this is Satya. Well.... I'm finally blogging !!!!

Hmm to get to the point.. I plunged into the Open Source movement full on (details coming up in the later half....) and I am applying for the Google Summer of Code ( whoa!!!!).

I intend to work on a cool Fedora project which involves implementing Bootchart using SystemTap, gather the system information in XML format, write a parser for the same and then render it. We'll also look out for what additional information can be extracted to make the Bootchart more useful. We'll also make it more flexible by allowing the users to control the stop point of the probing ( I'll publish my application a little later )....

So.. this blog is intended to keep a record of my involvement in the Open Source generally (cool), track my project development (okaaaay) and allow my mentor (that is.. if I get the project) to keep an eye on me :-|

Hmm... before I end my first post..

Here are the names of a few people you'll probably come across a million times when you read my blog...

Mr. Eugene Teo: my 'probable' mentor for the project (and the person who is making me blog!!!!). He has been a very sweet and patient guide.

Nirbheek: an Open Source fanatic who passed the bug on to me (and who has been very patiently solving all my technical queries..)

Runa, Aneesha and Ankita: the very sweet people at Linuxchix who were very helpful in getting me started and are always willing to help....

Man! with so much support...I am sure ill be able to get this done!!!!!

now lets hope... fingers crossed......