Monday, April 14, 2008

This past week

Well... to summarize the happenings of this week...

1. I had my mid sems (part II )
And the reason they are so special is not because I worked hard, did well and now deserve a break... its just that they usually serve as a reminder that I know absolutely nothing and my end-sems are hardly 3 weeks away :( (and yeah count the internal pracs and the external pracs too .. they start this week GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1)

2. I finally settled my computer issues :D
The solution: both the operating systems are on the primary hard disk .. so neither of them is cribbing..
All the data is on the external hard it is safe considering the weird experiments I am trying out on my poor comp.

As it turns out : A Windows recovery first creates a recovery partition (the first 1 and is called D: :|)
and then re-installs itself on C:... (quite odd the naming system though)

The GRUB somehow could not figure that out and kept trying to boot from D: (as it was hd0,0) when the others option was selected.

All that was required was to change the menu.lst's "other" option to (hd0,1)... thats it and it took soooo long :( and some remote assistance from a kind guy.

Next , I realized that my network settings were screwed up.
That again took a lot more time than was actually required.. (I just wish I paid attention in CN classes )... don't ask me what did I do? Just kept fiddling with everything ... all the network settings till it was fixed and now I don't know exactly what fixed it..

Okay... now that its done.... my computer is running a yum update....which will be followed by SystemTap and Bootchart installations ...


/ me also makes a note to complete my files today :(

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Eugene said...

Good luck in your exams.

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