Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's Next

Mid-terms evaluations are knocking on door and its been quite a wild ride coding. Web development is a different ball game altogether and I am beginning to understand why they call JavaScript the world's best worst language :D

After I have spruced the Beacon code and finally finished the DocBook DTD with the initial subset, I am going to start the next big task of getting Beacon integrated with Zikula and Publican for a seamless documentation experience.

It looks like Zikula has some text editors and a plug-in for them. I have to find the best way to get Beacon fit in that work flow. Fortunately Beacon already has a feature that allows one to embed it on any page. So it shouldn't be that difficult.

Am still looking for a best way to get Beacon integrated with Publican. It would be nice if the community can suggest a way to do it.


Anonymous said...

How goes your mid-term deliverables ?

satya said...

Goes good :) I am completing the tag support for the tags decided on the wiki. Added a document tree support to facilitate adding/deleting of nodes while maintaining sanity. (we have more UI enhancements in mind but they will come after we have finished the deliverables).

Once I have finished adding all the tags, making a tar is a small thing. Documentation is already there on the wiki (I gave a link to it in my previous post) Will update the 'how to make a plug-in' which is empty currently as we changed the implementation completely (more about it in the previous post too).

The plug-in works well for whatever tags I have added now as can be seen in the demo. Will make a formal test report once all the tags (of the chosen subset) are added.