Saturday, May 2, 2009

GSoCer again!

It feels awesome as I type this :) I am a GSoC student for Fedora this year too! I'll be working on Implementing a DocBook plug-in for Beacon. I am being mentored by Yaakov Nemoy and Karsten Wade is my technical guide! I feel honored to work with such amazing people :)

Hope the documentation team finds the editor useful.


sankarshan said...

There would be lots of others who would find the tool of immense use. Looking forward to another great GSoC from you. Have fun !

satya said...

Thanks :)

vaibhav said...

hey..u never told me u were making it BIG TIME in IT's almost 3 years that i have been studying computer engineering nd i dont have the faintest idea of what ur work is all about...but some how it all sounds cool...!! :-)