Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bootlimn on F9

On a hurrah note, finally able to run bootlimn on F9. And am too glad that it required no modification of bootlimn code. I just had to get my systemtap settings right.

The output of the bootlimn from F8 and F9 can be downloaded from here.


wcohen said...

When using firefox in f9 the svg images (sampleoutput/svg_image/bootlimn.svg and f9output/bootlimn.svg)do not look right. Everything seems to be squished left of the 30s mark. Do the svg charts look better with some other software rendering them?

satya said...

um.. the firefox rendered it correctly, there are a few processes that seem to be starting at the same time and hence it looks squashed.I uploaded the output as I got. Maybe it was because of my system clock problem ( I had mailed the systemtap mailing list with regards to a problem in timestamps wondering it was a bug in run time). I'll upload the result with the corrected system clock alongwith the results obtained on another copy of fedora running in kvm.