Monday, September 15, 2008

Adieu GSoC and DgpLUG classes; and Hola Red Hat!

Funny, the juggling ended!

I remember trying my best not to miss the DgpLUG classes while struggling to meet my mid term evaluation targets. While I have been blogging about my GSoC project and its updates; I haven't mentioned DgpLUG here till now. Its the Linux Users Group of Durgapur, who came up with this nice initiative for training a few newbies in open source technologies. Thank you folks! It was awesome ^_^

On the GSoC front, its nice to see Bootlimn have so many downloads. I admit that the progress has slowed down a bit given my classes and the recent hunt for a nice and useful project for the Red Hat internship ( yeah! I was as amazed when I was offered and I'm still trying to not sound all stupefied when I am talking about or mailing with regard to it. ) But Bootlimn is far from dead. I'll start working on it again once I settle down with this new routine.

Please do let me know what working well and whats not with bootlimn.

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